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Why are my pre-existing playlists not found in the "Your Music" section?

Why are my pre-existing playlists not found in the "Your Music" section?

I love the redesign aesthetic, but since it decided that all of the albums I saved as playlists are not part of "Your Music," I have no way of mass-searching their content, filtering their content, or any of the other features available in the old "Library" scheme. I created many small playlists specifically so I could easily toggle offline availability and now I have no means of searching for artists within them.
I recognize the move to make tracks, albums, and artists equally easy to add to "my music" is useful, but please at least implement some way of adding my old playlists to "my music" that's faster than having to click "+" for every single track in every playlist. It'd be nice not to have to do that for hundreds of playlists. There's really no good way to get my playlist music into the "Your Music" section otherwise.

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What platform are you using? In the desktop client, open a playlist, select all the tracks (ctrl-a or cmd-a) then drag the tracks onto Songs under Your Music.

Thanks, I did, in fact, forget I could select all. While it would be really nice to be able to batch-select and drag playlists as a group this will have to do. I feel like it's a pretty big reduplication of effort, especially as I will have no way to search by playlist titles, or when I find a track I've moved from a playlist, be able to see which playlist it came from..

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