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Why are some album songs marked grey and unselectable?

Why are some album songs marked grey and unselectable?






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Suddenly some of the album songs became marked grey and unselectable.
Se attachment image.


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Hi there @Svammelsurium,

thanks for posting !


A good indication would be to check if any other Spotify users around can play these tracks your trying to.


If not, please make sure to read this ofiicial Spotify answer on the matter.


Hope this helps 🙂

I actually did this.  Years ago I used to be a DJ. So, obviously I like 12" versions of songs. I've noticed that many titles are market grey, hence they're not playable. For example, a friend from the US told me about a playlist full with 12" versions, extended versions etc. When I looked many were market grey. Sometimes it's a tune that has been a hit and is well known. I asked friends in US, UK, Germany and Spain to check. The titles aren't grey for them, but here they are. 

Actually I don't get it. This seems to be something special for Sweden. What? Are our money less worth? What is it with Sweden that makes that so much of the music isn't possible to stream here, but in other countries? I pay as much as my friends and should get the same thing here as my friends abroad. Or what was the consideration when you introduced this once upon a time? This has been annoying me for years. Considering that this could be considered as a form of geoblocking I would say that this is not a praxis that is legal in the EU.

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