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Why does Spotify take so long to update incorrect song information?

Why does Spotify take so long to update incorrect song information?

This is something I’ve been wondering for a long time now – I’ve reported many songs/albums on Spotify for typos, incorrect album ordering, etc. and they are never fixed. I have emails showing reports I’ve submitted from 2015 that are still not fixed.

 I’ve assumed it’s not as simple as just going in and simply changing the names, like maybe Spotify has to confirm the change with record labels or something. But somewhat recently, I reported two songs on an album that were misnamed and a couple days later, they were fixed. I was actually dumbfounded that the fix happened so quickly, let alone it was fixed at all – but since that particular instance shows they can be fixed quickly, why aren’t all reports fixed that quickly? What goes on behind the scenes to cause 4-year delays?

I do scrobble to the songs I listen to, and having correct song titles that aren’t misspelled, formatted incorrectly, or just flat-out wrong is important in case doesn’t pick up on the misspelling and can’t autocorrect and match it to the correct song in its database.

If there’s an actual reason to why it takes so long to fix stuff, I’d like to hear the process so the wait is somewhat justified. But when the support emails say the errors to be fixed are marked as “high priority” and 4 years later they’re still not fixed, justifying that becomes exceptionally harder.

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Hey @volkedia.


Some things related to content mistakes have changed at some point. The whole process should be a lot more streamlined now. So if you come across something you have reported in the past, feel free to report it again.


In case anyone read this that doesn't know how to report broken content, take a look at this page.


Thanks for your involvement! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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