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Why doesn't Spotify App remember what I was listening to?

Why doesn't Spotify App remember what I was listening to?

It's my opinion that the Smart TV Spotify App is not very friendly to use. It does not remember where you left off, instead, it reloads the page and you're stuck on an impersonal home screen. It would be nice if Spotify could be opened and you'd pick up right from where you left off, or at least had a self-learning mechanism that suggested music that you'd probably like to hear when you hit the app home screen.



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Almost four years have passed since the original message by that other user, and Spotify STILL doesn't provide a "Remember where I left off" option. That's pretty poor. In an era where even the most basic browser allows that, it really should be possible here, especially for paying users. AND, while I am venting, and again, as a paying customer, I should be able to customize my landing "Home" page, without always seeing all that useless series stuff, which I am NEVER going to watch. If Spotify can't figure out how to do this, just a simple blank page that remembers where I left off, that might be a nice improvement.

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