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Why is it so hard to post an idea?

Why is it so hard to post an idea?


There's been a few issues where I look up a problem I'm having, I find a thread where someone mentions that, and a Spotify Community Manager responds "Good Idea! Submit it to the ideas section!" Very few of these ideas end up getting posted there (at least from my searches) and I think it's because it is so difficult to post an idea. The criteria you need to meet to be eligible to post is difficult to find (I couldn't find it, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere) and even after voting on a few ideas, leaving comments on threads I'm interested in or have an opinion on, I still get an "Access denied" error when clicking the add new idea button.


If anyone wants to post my idea for me, it is "Sort all podcasts by new episode". There's no way to sort Spotify podcasts by which podcast most recently added a new episode, so it's difficult to tell when a new episode is posted to any given podcast unless you click into each one. This is very time consuming when you have 10+ podcasts.

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Original complaint still stands, but I've found multiple versions of the podcast idea posted that are then closed because there aren't enough votes on them. I've also found places on other forums (Reddit, Facebook groups) that say they don't use Spotify for podcasts because the lack of this feature. Maybe people aren't voting on this issue because they don't even consider Spotify a contender for best podcast app because it lacks basic features like this.


Hey there @Samsh1,


Thanks for sharing this here in the Community!


We hope you don't mind us moving this thread to the right Help Board to make it easier for other users with similar questions to find it.


We have a series of Spotify Answers that might help you familiarize a bit more with how the Ideas Exchange works, what the different statuses mean when we update an idea and how your feedback reaches Spotify.


To get started, simply head to this Spotify Answer and click through the rest in the series as you finish.


On another note, you mention seeing an "Access denied" error when trying to share your idea. It'd be really useful if you could share a screenshot of it if you're still having troubles, making sure that the URL you're trying to access is visible so we can take a closer look. Just keep in mind that there's no private/sensitive details visible.


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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My frustration, is that I can see all of the community posts on ideas, and Spotify has made is nearly invisible on how to post a new idea of my own. I had one this morning - but because I cannot find ANYTHING visibly on how to post a new idea.... I chucked it. I don't have that much time on my hands to search for the secret key to be able to post my idea. 


I think that Spotify does this on purpose, as a means to mitigate and control how many ideas are being posted. I think that it is rude and is sways me from wanting to be involved in the community. 


I have also noticed that my ideas get shot down in seconds by the app developer. I feel like they are only paying attention to the "rock stars" in the community, and it take away all of our voices. 

I agree, and it upsets me !. I had an idea - and it got shot down at 70 likes due to not hitting 100 likes in a years timeframe. I was ALMOST there .... and then my idea went to the trash.

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