Will Beoplay A9 MK II loose spotify connect?

Will Beoplay A9 MK II loose spotify connect?

Just noticed that B&O has silently released a new variant of the lovely A9 Speaker now as a MK III version with additional speakers builtin. At the same time, they mentioned the lack of Spotify connect which instead has been "replaced" with Airplay and chromecast (which has always been there!).

Official B&O stores are already selling them: https://beovejle.com/shop/14-beoplay-hoejttalere/14-beoplay-a9-mkiii


So I'm curious to know, will I loose my Spotify Connect as well on my MK II model?

Would be sad if it would be gone, I use the feature A LOT and it even made me break spotify listening records since I got a device with this feature. It was also one of the argument to buy the speaker back in the days.

Fingers crossed it won't happen, but it's not the first time in these digital ages we suddenly loose features over time on our bought devices.

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Me too would be interested in this because I would sell the speaker immediately if that were the case AND never buy any (expensive) spotify connect speaker ever again.

Does anybody know something about this or will it just happen out of the blue again?

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