Willing to pay for streaming to multiple Amazon Echo Dots and Alexas

Willing to pay for streaming to multiple Amazon Echo Dots and Alexas


I would be willing to pay to stream to multiple devices in my household at the same time, since we have multiple people living here. Yes, I know the offline option.


I have considered doing Family Premium to set up my other Amazon devices under dummy accounts. However I would like to have access to my own playlists and saved music even though the device is registered to a different account. Is there way that this can be done? Do Shared Libraries exist?


(I am aware there is a similar -- not identical -- topic on this that says "Not right now". However I think Spotify would be well advised to see how many users are listening through Amazon. At this rate I may be better off using Amazon Music as the default instead.)

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Hey @eschulma,


No, the only possible thing you can do is follow the playlists of your main account from your other ("dummy") accounts to listen to them. It's currently not possible to share a libary/saved music.


Have you checked out Premium for Family yet?: https://spotify.com/family

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I have looked at the family plan, and I would be willing to pay IF it did
what I wanted.

But I can only link each Amazon device to one Spotify account. I want easy
access to my music and from the app, on any of the devices. So I don't want
to the devices on different accounts. But if my daughter walks up and
starts playing music in one room, it shuts me off elsewhere.

Again, I would pay more to have this work as desired.

At this rate I may have to look at competing services. I see no interest on
Spotify's end to fix this.


As they said, you can create a second account for just your music, and follow every single playlist from your first account. Setup a second Echo with the dummy account and it will work just like your original.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell Amazon does not allow you to specify
music / Spotify settings on a per-device basis. They use the settings of
one main account. (There are some other minor complaints about the method
suggested, but this is the biggest problem.)

The simplest solution, as stated earlier, is simply to allow the number of
streams a person has paid for to run. There is a revenue opportunity here
that is being missed.


Thanks for this post!


I am having the exact same problem and I am about to switch to amazon music instead because it allows 6 streams on the same account.


This is a real bummer because the Spotify app seems to work better with my Sonos systems.  For example I can control my Sonos volume with Spotify but not the Amazon app.


Anyway, Spotify, name your price but your product is worth nothing when it comes to voice control due to this limitation...


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