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Windows 10 phone app crashes out of player page when i press play button

Windows 10 phone app crashes out of player page when i press play button

I am on my Windows phone, Lumia 950.


  1. I load the app up on my phone.
  2. I hit Albums
  3. I hit an album
  4. I select a song
  5. It highlights green and brings up a bottom bar with a pause button.
  6. Nothing happens
  7. I click through to that bottom bar and it brings up an album cover, then the album cover disapears, it freezes for a second, says Loading, then closes that screen and returns me back to the song selection page.
  8. If i restart my phone, and go through the above steps it will work until I have left my phone for a while untouched (ie over night), and then it will not work again and i will have to restart the phone.

I am a premium user. I came from Groove music. Please fix as i cannot play any music!

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Hey @jimmyt1988! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.

Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.

Let me know how it goes! ^^



It's a fresh install as of 2 days ago (RE Microsoft's news to partner up 😞 )


I have updated my question as i forgot to mention that if i restart my phone it will work until i do not touch my phone for a while.


I would love to know what the error is that it's producing but i guess Spotify will need to wait a few days for those error logs to go through into their analytics or something.


I am wondering if it's trying to access the sound device on the phone and it is locked for some reason, so when the phone is restarted, it frees up that sound device and then works... until such time as an Alarm or something takes over the device and then it stops working and breaks the app? Just a guess.


I really hope Microsoft helps improve the spotify app, it's very old looking and clunky :'(. Groove music was so beautiful and had videos too :'(. darn you Microsoft, DAMNNN YOU. They removed the best app from us! 😞



Hmm, I appreciate you letting me know! I'll see what else I can suggest.

- Just so i'm sure, do you have battery saver mode enabled when this happens? If so, can you try without?
- Is everything else on your device up-to-date?
- I'd also recommend double-checking you're not using a VPN, and that you're connection's stable. E.g. does this happen on WiFi, 3G/4G, or both?
- Does restarting your device help?


Thanks! ^^




Outside of restarting the device, none of that will make a difference. Restarting only helps for awhile. Your link for reinstalling doesn't include Windows 10 on mobile. It looks like Spotify has abandoned Windows on mobile but Microsoft is telling their premium Groove users to migrate to Spotify. On mobile, that isn't even remotely an option because the Spotify app is terrible and fundamentally broken. It is an old Windows Phone 8.x app. I guess Spotify doesn't want more premium subscribers.


Dude! I just got this as well! This app does not work. I'll cancel my subscription. Spotify is a not useable on Windows phone in this current state. Shame on Microsoft for making Groove music users move to this piece of **bleep**. Shame on Spotify for not making it ready for us to move over to. Very dissapointed.


Agreed with the above. The spotify app for wp10 is pretty useless. I can't even get it to get out of offline mode when I have full LTE connection. Poor job 'partnering' as the mobile app is terribly outdated. They should have updated the app before announcing the discontinuation of Groove.

I'm pretty sure Microsoft just pushed us off on Spotify, as it's the closest thing to a working app left on Windows Mobile, hoping that it would kill off what's left of us.  They just want to be done with phones altogether.  Spotify actually works for me on WM10, it just doesn't have the functionality that it has with other platforms.  I'll probably also cancel my premium prescription after the free trial ends.  Groove has spoiled me when it comes to music apps, I didn't know how good I had it!

I am having a sumilar issue to OP.

It is VERY RARE that i get the app to work,
most of the time I get stuck in a "loading" loop or the app just stops playing when it is minimized.

I have been using the "Spoticast" just to get something to play during the commute to and from work.

Thus far i have tried:
- Reinstalling the app
- Performing a factory reset on my device

- Removing the SD card

My only workaround thus far:
When i get the app to play a song, I drag down the notification menu, and then open settings. After doing that i am able to leave the app and the music will still play in the backround.

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