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Windows Phone 8 - App refusing to download songs (not maxed tracks) and stuck in offline mode

Windows Phone 8 - App refusing to download songs (not maxed tracks) and stuck in offline mode

Hey! So I have a problem, I have far less than 3333 tracks that I want offline access to on my Windows Phone 8 (Huawei Ascend W1), a few hundred in fact, however, my spotify app refuses to download everything I have, it always stops at some point and complaining about not having enough space when clearly I have plenty of gigabytes free on my SD-card, and somehow, it seems it just doesn't get that it should be using the SD-card instead (i think, though some space is taken on my SD-card by apps so may be used but only a little in that case).


Another dire problem is that it often gets stuck in offline mode even though offline mode is disabled in Settings! This usually happens when switching back and forth between WiFi and 3G. Trying to go back and forth, on/off with offline mode, doesn't help it. And then I can't play my tracks because it says "you can't do this while in offline mode". The offline mode stucking seems to disappear after some few minutes by itself. I also have repeated wipings of my stored music cause of too many devices (just as a side-note).

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


The app not storing data on your SD card is not a bug, on Windows Phone 8 only Microsoft apps have read/write access to SD card storage, all other apps like Spotify only have read access meaning Spotify can't use the SD card for storage space (from what I understand reading the WP8 developer website). 


Not really sure about the stuck in offline mode, I have never used the application myself!



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omg how long does the retardation of microsoft extend? The mountain of faults and idiotic impementations with windows phone 8 is starting to pile up some seriously. Never windows phone again! Android ftw!

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