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[Windows Phone 8] Can't Play Music

[Windows Phone 8] Can't Play Music

Using the updated Spotify for Windows Phone 8.1 (4.0.5360.30235) and now when hitting the "Shuffle Play" button, the "loading" screen comes up (presumably to play the new video ad I saw mentioned on all platforms a few days ago: The video (?) never plays and then the loading goes away but nothing the track doesn't play in the app (See attachments). Anyone else having this issue?


Also, still getting the following things that are annoying:


  • If you pause for too long and the phone has gone back to low power mode (blank screen), the app go to a o dormant/tombstone mode and will not let you continue playing (see this from Nokia to fix: A must fix for usability
  • Having to hit "Playlist" twice to get to the listing of play lists (doesn't happen every time - I'd say around 1/3 of the time) Just a nuisance, could wait for a later build

Thanks devs and please keep updating this app! 😄

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