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Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update

Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update

Hello, I recently switched from iOS to Windows Phone 8. I bought a Nokia Lumia 822. The first application I downloaded was Spotify. However, I've noticed that the app is far from up-to-date. It seems like Spotify has forgotten us at Windows Phone. The app does not have radio, and has a TON of bugs, including: Playback being lost, slow connection, and other minimal bugs.

It's kind of an annoyance. There's times where I get sick of my playlists, and want to listen to the Spotify Radio, but can't. If I'm paying for premium, I'd like to get the full experience, like iOS and Android users are getting.

The app on the Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone defiantly needs an update to fix bugs, and add features like radio.



Christopher, Windows Phone User

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Hi Christopher - Welcome to the Community! Have you taken a look at this post regarding WP8 right here?


We always want your feedback. Per has outlined how to make a bug report for WP8 in that post--just be sure it isn't already reported in the Community. This info will reach the right hands. 

There hasn't been a Spotify update for Windows Phone 8 since February when the Beta version was released. I have reached out to customer service numerous times and they weren't even able to clarify whether Spotify is still maintaining the app or not since apparently it's built "directly at Microsoft". So I wouldn't hold my breath. Chances are Spotify will remain in Beta forever and none of the bugs will be addressed, not even to mention the implementation of additional features. Spotify's strategy has been to successfully ignore Windows Phone users as much as they can. Instead they focus on Android where they can battle each other with Google's copy of Spotify. Good luck with that in the long run! I'm hoping for the endlessly slow old geezers at Microsof to finally release a usable XBox music app. The current app does not even allow to add a song to an existing playlist. If that app was fine, I'd immediately cancel my premium subscription and only use Spotify for music discovery (don't care about the adds) and then add the songs on XBox music premium account so I can listen to them on my phone without the app always crashing on incoming calls, (dis)connecting bluetooth devices or the app being idle in the background for 2 minutes (it doesn't survie that either!). It's just disappointing to see such a great idea halfheartedly implemented on Windows Phone. My call is: "BETA APP DESERVES BETA MONEY, SO HALF THE PREMIUM RATE FOR WP USERS UNTIL THE APP IS USABLE!!!"

Great news for you! there is an update for WP8 Spotify App! here's the feedback thread        Feedback for WP8 Spotify app Version 2.0.4933.0 - ( 51m ago )                       

Hi guys,


Michael is right, we've just released a lovely new update for the WP8. If you haven't already, check out the update here.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

Are Windows Phone 7 - Spotify users pissed off?

Spotify should definitely care more about the app for WP phones. If I was a developer, my goal would be to have an app with same functions for every platform. I know there's much more people uses Android and iOS but the WP shouldn't be forgotten. I have bought a WP 8 phone and the Spotify app is a big disappointment prefered to the app for iOS at least. Where is the Radio function?! Why no search function for songs that are synched offline? As I love my new WIndows phone I actually thinking of stop using Spotify and use something that actually works better for Windows phones. I rather not choose a different service but if it will be like this a couple months further I have no choice. Spotify is a great service for every platform exept WP, can't understand WHY?!

I couldn't agree more. Ironically, even the Symbian version was more stable than the WP app (although WP has been around for a couple of years now, lately even catching up with iOS in some countries). I also don't understand why it's so difficult to implement the missing features compared to the iOS and Android versions. C# has built in search functions for list items. There's no need to do a lot of coding. Just place a search icon at the bottom of the playlist view, subscribe to the search event and fire up the built-in search function. While we're at it, there's also a built-in order function that would allow the sorting of playlists in different orders. Man, this could be implemented in a few hours! Spotify spends so much money on gadgets and other stuff, but they don't manage to come up with a stable WP version matching iOS and Android features. I really don't understand this lack of committment at the cost of paying subscribers. You guys prefer dekstop users for half the money or ad-based subscription models giving you no money at all from subscribers?

Today Spotify updated the app for iOS. It is updated to work better on iOS 7 and the also fixed bugs. Hmmm, someone else except me that really irritates? It is so ignorant. Can't even appreciate that Spotify is available on WP 8 when they don't care about the function of their own app?! How hard could it be? Silly never mind, the question should be more like, why so ignorant? Get rid of the most critical bugs and implement the functions that do exist on example iOS! Updates for iOS are coming one after one. Come on Spotify, you can make a great app just if you want to!!!! Stop ignore all WP users!

Seriously, a new update for iOS today....AGAIN, and nothing for WP8. If Spotify won't update their app for WP8 and improve it before next year I will stop use it! This is ridiculous! All WP users should stop using Spotify if nothing happens soon! Otherwise bye bye Spotify.

It s just ridicolous. 

The app jsut crash wahtever the **bleep** you do. is so frustrating.

It shows such a lack of respect for users 

Probably it will never be fixed, unless WP* market share jump to 30% or something

The app are a 0 over 10. It only has to play music but it didn't.
- Crashes everytime.
- Everytime you open it, restarts.
- It's slow. Very slow when it works and time to time cannot change the current song to the next one.
- Do not sync correctly and loses/mix album info on large playlists.
- Offline mode crashes when loading playlists even when they are marked to be active on offline mode.
- Do not open correctly when it's opened from the status bar.
- Do not work well with locked screen with WiFi or 3G.
- Do not work on roaming (virtual carriers).



- Windows Phone 8 GDR2.

- Nokia Lumia 620.

For all l that i switched To deezer, better Windows Phone app and more cheap.

hi i feel the same ..lack of radio on windows phone is all that is stopping me going premium i just think if we pay the same we should get the same!

as a WP8 Spotify Premium user, I feel definitely robbed for paying the same amount as an Android or iOS user. What a shame. Considering alternatives..

We really need an update. Why is the WP8 version so far behind the other platforms?

The app is bad enough to ruin the Spotify experience, thus not worth the 10$. WP is the fastest growing platform and not dedicating enough resources to developing the app is a big mistake, you are losing customers.

I will not pay for premium until the app is actually usable. I've waited. Nothing. I use other services instead. My money goes elsewhere when I really want it to be spotify... you guys are leaving money on the table by ignoring the WP users.

It's amazing how Spotify can treat paying customers like this.

Worst !
Obligated to be a premium user despite the pub " use for free on computer/phone/tablet "... it's avalaible for portable's os " android and ios "..
First become a premium user, it was nice to be able to try this app ! without the " 30-day to try " that's obligate us to use our credit card.

Update this app please! It's ridiculous !

Music is a drug.
Drug enjoy our life.
Life is nothing without music.
This is a vicious circle.

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