Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update

Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update

Hello, I recently switched from iOS to Windows Phone 8. I bought a Nokia Lumia 822. The first application I downloaded was Spotify. However, I've noticed that the app is far from up-to-date. It seems like Spotify has forgotten us at Windows Phone. The app does not have radio, and has a TON of bugs, including: Playback being lost, slow connection, and other minimal bugs.

It's kind of an annoyance. There's times where I get sick of my playlists, and want to listen to the Spotify Radio, but can't. If I'm paying for premium, I'd like to get the full experience, like iOS and Android users are getting.

The app on the Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone defiantly needs an update to fix bugs, and add features like radio.



Christopher, Windows Phone User

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It's really a shame to see a whole userbase being left out in the cold like this.

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I agree 100%.  I pay "premium" and was not told about the significant gap in services (but not in fees).  We ought to talk to a plaintiff's attorney about a class action.  What are the alternatives (besides get an android or iphone)?   

Your planning to take them to court for what exactly? (I'd also have a close read at the ToS).

I've heard good things about xBox music on Windows Phone.

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I'm a previous subscriber to Spotify, but had to leave because the Windows Phone client was so limited and crash-prone.

It's really a slap in the face to see iOS and Android get a lot of new features and now free streaming on mobile/tablet - while the WP users don't even have the basic functionality that they PAY for.


I still listen to Spotify on the PC (ad supported) because the UI is better than Xbox Music there, but I pay for Xbox Music to use on my phone. If Spotify got their act together, I'd sign up and pay for Spotify right away again. Sadly, it seems they have zero interest in doing anything.

Have Spotify even responded to the recent demand for a Windows Phone update? I , too, have recently migrated from iOS to WP and love it. However, being a Premium subscriber, I feel like I'm being cheated out of features; as far as I know, free users have access to the radio feature and I don't. At least an acknowledgement of our frustration would be appropriate in my opinion.


The app is so bad that actually Spotify should be SUED bu the user 



So, there is no official response of Spotify staff here?

I just got a new Lumia 1520, and Nokia Music is my first choice then, If you update the application for Windows Phone, let me know and I will be premium if and only if you at least implement radio and discover in the application.

If any Spotify employees attempt to pass the buck to Microsoft by claiming the app is developed by Microsoft, you can call them out with this press release:


Working with Microsoft to bring music fans a connected Spotify experience


"Over the past few months we’ve been working together to develop the Spotify mobile app for Windows Phone"


Beats Music is looking better every day on Windows Phone. If Spotify doesn't imporve things soon I will be canceling and going to Beats.

Any news?!

I cancelled my Spotify Premium Subsciption a few days ago because of the Windows Phone App. Now I'm trying Deezer because their app for Windows Phone seems to be much better. However, I don't want to support a service which doesn't have a good app for my mobile device, so bye-bye Spotify.

It's feels really suck to ''pay'' for nothing!
come on,  how hard that can be,

please update it !

i'm now really considering to leave spotify !!!!!!

Hi to all!


This is my first post, and perhaps my last one, regarding this subject..


I've been a Spotify premium user from the get-go, and still think it's the best service of it's kind, even considering Xbox Music at it's present state..


I've been a iOS / Windows desktop user untill recently, when I bought a Lumia 1020. Right now, I have Spotify on my Lumia, my iPad and my Windows 8 PC.

As I'm sure most of us do, I extensively use Spotify offline on both my Lumia and at home (throught my Hi-Fi home system) so that I can enjoy the 320 kbps quality sound.


Unfortunetly, since I bought my Lumia 1020 (witch I love, by the way), I've experienced, first hand, the blatant disregard that WP premium users are subject to, by Spotify.


It's not even a question of Spotify's App parity with Android or iOS..., it's, first and foremost, that the WP app is, at present, and for lack of a better word -  abandoned - and it's users, completely ignored..!


As such, since Spotify:


1. Does not treat all premium customers as equal;

2. Refuses to update the WP Spotify app;

3. Won't work towards leveling it's mobile apps in feature set, or at THE VERY LEAST, rectify known bugs in the WP app;

4. Constantly updates other apps, ignoring WP;

5. Advertises feature after feature after feature in iOS and Android, blatantly ignoring WP;

6. More so, asks WP users, to "vote" (?!) in such features - ... vote, as in... BEG, apparently...!! (The same goes for a Win8 RT app - I've lost count to the number of posts, in that thread..);

7. Won't, at least, make the WP App work for non-premium users;


And, most important...


7. Can't even take five minutes off, to explain to it's WP PREMIUM customers, why it won't update the app, or give any, ANY, justification / explanation regarding the subject;


I have decided, as a monthly subscriber, that February was the last month for me...


It's understandable, thought questionable, that it's up to Spotify to choose witch and when it's apps are updated..


What's intolerable is the total lack of communication and feed-back (witch equals respect, or lack of..) to part of it's premium subscribers!


I'm fed up with that attitude..


That's it.


Best Regards..


"6. More so, asks WP users, to "vote" (?!) in such features - ... vote, as in... BEG, apparently...!! (The same goes for a Win8 RT app - I've lost count to the number of posts, in that thread..);"


Yeah, what is up with that? Do they think we DON'T want new features? Idiotic, to say the least. Plus they should have enough data collected about how users on other OSs and desktop use the software that they know which the most popular features are. If they think that most regular users will seek out these forums to vote for features, they are delusional.

Stop considering. Money talks. Cancel and let them know why.

"Beats Music is looking better every day on Windows Phone. If Spotify doesn't imporve things soon I will be canceling and going to Beats."


I tried it this week, it is miles ahead of Spotify. Nokia MixRadio after the latest update is even better (Beats was slower in navigation on my Lumia 520). Xbox Music is also better. Really, any of them is better than Spotify on WP8, and offer free services unlike Spotify. Unless you have a vested interest in using Spotify on other devices, there's really no reason to use Spotify if you are a WP8 user.

@Newsguru: you really nailed it! Thank you!

Spotify for Win Phone is in desperate need of an update. Ridiculous to see update notifications poppin' up every week on my girlfriends android device...

Spotify, I loved you in the beginning! No, seriously, I told all my friends to get your desktop version and to subscribe to premium - but by now, I just can't understand why you treat customers like that...Wouldn't recommend your service anymore!

You are right


I have been a major promoter of spotify , since the begin.


I am personal offended by their lack of repscet for WP user. It's just incredible.


At this point i quit. I am immediately canceling my premium subscription. 


I invite other user to do the same.



+1 , I'm also premium and about to cancel my subscription  , why don't you respect your loyal fans on WP8?

I have a premium account. I rave about spotify and bought annual subscriptions for two kids and my brother for Christmas. But I am FED UP with spotify's refusal to update the WP spotify app. UPDATE THE FREAKING APP ALREADY!!!!

Everything i was about to say has been very well outlined above, I've been a premium user since Spotify began, and helped it grow, but have cancelled my premium account. I've recently switched back to windows mobile, and am very impressed with it, with the exception of Spotify, which is atrocious. I'm very disappointed, it was the first thing i installed. I fear the competition will have caught up by the time Spotify sorts its win software out. Considering the lumia is a massive seller, Spotify are obviously missing a trick here.

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