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Windows Phone 8 - no offline sync on phone

Windows Phone 8 - no offline sync on phone

Hey guys, 


i'm a new premium user, has the Desktop Application (via Lan Cable), many playlists there and the windows phone 8 App (newest - on Lumia 920). I'm logged in, my WLAN (same IP as Lan Cable for Computer) is on - the Phone App Shows me my Playlists, but i cant offline syncing them. In the Status it says "No Network". 


What can i do? Thank you

2 Replies


have you tried restarting your Phone?


I have the same issue.

I have a Nokia 920 with WP8, Spotify Premium and the latest Spotify app.

Sync state is "pending", sometimes "syncing", but then hangs.

Connection type "WiFi", and I have a live WiFi comnnection, all other services are working.

Still "1082 tracks remaining to sync", no progress for days.

I have restarted the device several times.

I will give up my premium subscription as this is useless.

If I only want to listen to music on my PC, the free subscription is enough, but the point would be that I want to enjoy music on the go!

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