Windows Phone app is an absolute disgrace

Windows Phone app is an absolute disgrace


I've canceled my premium account today because the app for WP is broken beyond measure. 9/10 times spotify can't connect with the internet, even after a reboot or after reinstalling the app and I'm having constant crashes. After a couple of months of praying they app works when I want to listen to some music I'm completely done with this piece of **bleep** app. I've canceled my premium today and would advise everybody with a WP phone to do the same till Spotify get it's **bleep** together. 

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Sadly, with regret and a hefty dollop of irony I agree. Spotify is (was?) the solution to my slavish addiction to apple products, which turned out to be fuelled by itunes and its impenetrable ecosystem. Spotify has exposed not just the weaknesses of itunes (sloooow, expensive, poor social experience etc...etc...), but has also forced a re-evaluation of ios. In short, Ive rediscovered the merits of MS and have actually fallen in love with my old vaio since installing windows8. Last week i took my rehabilitation a step further and dumped my iphone for a lumia. Love. It. However... Spotify simply doesn't work! I wouldn't call the windows app a beta product. Its just broken. I'm now in danger of falling off the wagon; I've dusted down my old ipod, and my finger is hovering over the 'cancel' button on Spotify. Goodbye new music...


Spotify have announced updates are coming for the Windows Phone applications in the near future:

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If this was coming soon I would be so happy

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