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Windows Phone

Windows Phone


I have been a Spotify Premium user for a long time now. I recently upgraded my phone from Iphone to a new Windows Phone and I am loving it but I am so disappointed in the Windows Spotify App. Why are you letting this go without fixing it. I have my whole library ran through Spotify. I no longer use itunes and I get to my playlists and I am now missing continual songs because there is no sync with computer option. I am pretty frustrated. If this doesn't get fixed soon I think I might have to switch to ZUNE or even Amazon Music. Both of those are working..From a long time Spotify user and lover please fix this or give us some word at least its coming. 

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Hey man! 

Have you tried mailing Spotify?

I hope it will be fixed soon! 

Hey @SquishPuddin 


The Windows phone app does currently not have all the features of the iOS and Android version. 

I would suggest keeping an eye on this idea and add your kudos there.

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Thanks Jordi, 


I think I was just really blown away that these features weren't available for Windows users I just assumed a company the size of Spotify would keep there App up to date on this platform.

Traditionally Spotify on Windows Phone has always been the weakest app, and unfortunately I can't see if changing anytime soon unless Spotify have a major push to improve it.

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