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[Windows mobile 10] Lost all offline songs

[Windows mobile 10] Lost all offline songs

Today I lost all offline sync songs on my mobile. This happened in the past before when my phone was running Windows 8.1 but apparently it's no better with Windows 10.


The steps are the following:


- open spotify

- for some reason it crashes and I get a SD card error notification

- All applications installed on SD card - including Spotify - are no longer showing in the Windows Tiles and cannot be launched.

- Windows prompts me to scan and fix the SD card, to which I reply Yes. 

- After the scan is complete, I can open Spotify again. But all offline content is greyed out and cannot be played.


If I go to  Spotify Settings I can see that there is a Storage usage of 5.7 Gb, so the content is definitely still on the SD card. But Spotify tries to synchronise again over 3000+ songs. After that the Storage usage is 5.7Gb + the storage used by the newly synchronized songs (which are obviously the same as the ones already synced.... So I've doubled the usage on the SD card !


Any idea what's going on ?  This is very frustrating,especially when it happens and I don't have an internet connection !

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I just realized that I had already reported this issue 8 months ago and no one from spotify bothered helping ....



Have you tried a logout / login ?


Maybe that will rescan your files saved in the cache.

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