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Windows phone popping sound - spotify

Windows phone popping sound - spotify

Is it just me or do I hear a loud piercing popping sound sometimes when I change the song by pressing the fowards button.



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I don't have a problem with the sound on my lumia 820.

Hmm, yeah I'm not too sure whether its just me - I'm on a Lumia 520.


1.) A loud piercing pop on some tracks as I switch from track to track. It happens on most tracks and it is deafening.

2.) Really bad lag if you skip 3+ tracks. Either by pressing the forward arrows or by flicking the album art.

3.) After a completion of 2 or 3 songs, sometimes all the music stops and you have to restart it again.

Have you tried reinstalling the spotify app to see if it fixes this?

Just did, doesn't seem to work. But now I know it might be a Lumia 520 issue not a spotify one since I've tried to listen to something on Xbox music and it happens too

I believe it is a problem on the Windows Phone platform and I don't think Microsoft knows how to fix it. I have it on a Lumia 520, 920, 1520. It does it in pretty much every app with sound streaming.  It has not been fix in 8.1 either.

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