Windows phone quality

Windows phone quality



I'm currently trialling spotify premium, and generally I'm pretty impressed. On my PC and iPad it's excellent, but I'm having a bit of trouble on my windows phone.


I have the HTC 8s, and the quality settings on "Extreme" for both streaming and download. I generally download the music for listening on the go, but the quality varies from fine to really awful. Sometimes a lot of crackling and quite often tracks skip a little. I'm a bit of an audiophile, but I feel like these are quite striking quality issues. It isn't the phone itself or my headphoens because I've never had any trouble with the built in music player.


Since everything works so well on my iPad and PC I'm wondering if I'm doing anything wrong, or is the windows phone app just not as good? Annoyingly this may stop me from becoming a premium user 😕


Thanks for any help

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Hey there @adg131, welcome to the community!


Can you try reinstalling the application and redownloading your saved music to see if that fixes it? You most definitely shouldn't be hearing "crackling" noises in the music. 

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I had a similar issue on Lumia 620 8.1. I had it installed on the SD, everytime I choose extreme, it reverts to lowest after app is restarted. Moved to phone memory and that fixed it.

Cant believe i didn't think of reinstalling myself. Tried it though, and I'm still having the same issues.

I've looked about and as far as i can tell all my apps are on the phone storage. I've never had to specify where it installs.

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