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Won't Post to Facebook?


Won't Post to Facebook?

So, I have Spotify linked to my Facebook account and everything, and it used to post to my profile on the side (With the timeline profile) which songs/playlists I've been listening to. But I've noticed about a week or two ago, it stopped doing this. My friends and I regularly share music but it is hard to do so when the most recent song it shows is from 2 weeks ago.. 😕


Help! How do I make it so it will post again?


Thanks ❤️

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app is discontinued already.



Hi RIchard, maybe your answer applies to me. I opened my Spotify account in USA, but am now in South Korea. It used to be that if I played songs on Spotify in USA the songs would appear on my Facebook. I know this, because the songs would appear on my Facebook Activity log. But now I am in South Korea and eventhough I use a VPN app to make it look like I am still in USA, when I play songs on Spotify, the songs do not appear on my Facebook Activity log. Are my Facebook friends able to see what songs I am listening to on Spotify or not? I ask this question, because I accidentally listened to a song that just popped up on Spotify without my knowledge. (I left my Ipad in my room to go to the bathroom and when I returned, I noticed Spotify was playing the song.) The song was a controversial and racist song. I don't want my friends to think I am listening to such racist songs. Thanks

My songs WERE posting to my activity log, then they stopped. AGAIN. This isn't the first time this has happened. I have reset the setting, I have logged out and back in on both, still the problem persists. VERY annoying. 

Same here, had been working fine but stopped working a few weeks ago. Looks like it last worked 9/25/2017 from any of my devices.

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Oh, the SpotifyCares Twitter support rep told me earlier today they no longer share listening activity to Facebook.

Same here bro, hope it works in the next update. What's the use of "show on facebook" option in the app??

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Yep, about the end of September for me

**bleep**. Several of my friends and I discuss songs we are listening to on FB by sharing our plays. GRRRR

Do you have to be premium for it to add what you listen to facebook?
I just started using Spotify with facebook and it doesn't post anything.

No. It used to post to my Facebook and always has. Until now.

Yeah, about the end of september this year for me too! More specifically september 26, as I can see in the history of mu facebook activity log. The function to share my music to facebook is really important to me, since it helps me keep track of what single songs and what kind of music I listen to at the moment.

@samba145 wrote:

3. install the app

the link is broken

I speak UK English, and my level is mediocre so I may need your guidance (if any).

any confirmation on this? i just noticed that the last posts from spotify were the end of sept...they should at least inform the community and not just reply to some random person on twitter that they 'discontinued that feature' while the option to share to facebook is still active..makes no sense. 

Same-o.  Too bad.  Kind of liked that feature.

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