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Wordpress only plays for 30 seconds

Wordpress only plays for 30 seconds







Hello! I've been sharing music from Spotify in my blog for more than two years succesfully but now I have a problem. When I copy the code of the song in my post blog appears the play button with the song, but it only plays for 30 seconds. In the spotify box appears a message that informs that I need to be logged into spotify to listen the full song, but I am already logged in. Please, could you help me with this matter?? Thank you in advance. 



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For me same thing for my personal site and it worked before and made the link to my PC client. And now, music is launched for 30 seconds as I've already some music playing in my PC client. Something has been changed since 1 month.




I made a test with the following embedded code in a test html file :

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

With the same test file, It works in local in my PC but it doesn't work on my site on

But in the spotify link, it works.




Thanks Jbecker. Sorry for not answering but I thought nobody has a response. I have checked now but it still doesn't work. I think, as you said, anything has changed.

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