Wow really

If I have more to say you're going to restrict me anyways guess what freedom of speech I should be able to say as much as I want to say do you really want to make this an issue restrict me to a certain amount of words you got me f***** up how do you expect me to explain what I'm talking about you guys got issues freedom of speech I can talk and talk and talk if you restrict me I'll see you how about that cuz you know what I pay for premium and you don't give it to me your own by Sony if I pay for PlayStation Plus I'm paying for premium so what the f*** is your issue do you really want me to sue you so you can shut down so nobody can use you

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PS oh yeah I can skip and play any song I want on Playstation but I can't do it on my phone you guys got problems you want me to pay for premium when I pay for PlayStation Plus I pay for PlayStation Plus I can skip anything play anything on my PlayStation that doesn't make any sense you guys got so many f****** problems and guess what I'm a major one so you better solve this issue or there's going to be a major lawsuit

I've been using Spotify for over 5 years now you make one change and now I can't do what I've been doing for over four and a half years guess what that update does not apply to me because I have been using it for past it so who's going to win in court really cuz I can be diplomatic and use all these big words but I shouldn't have to because obviously you're that dumb so what is your problem

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