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Wrong characters in Facebook's OG Meta Tags (polish font)

Wrong characters in Facebook's OG Meta Tags (polish font)

Hello everyone, 


I've tried sharing this album on Facebook:


and the polish characters came out completely wrong. E.g. instead of correct artist name (Zespół Wokalny Minimus) Facebook shows "ZespóŠWokalny Minimus"... I've tried this on multiple devices with different mixes of polish/english preferences in browser/Facebook - the effect is still the same.


I've tried fetching new scrapes in Facebook's Debugger Tool, but it remains wrongly spelled.


Then I've checked other polish artists with polish characters in either artists' or albums' names - and every time I get this wrong characters, where polish (ą, ę, ó, ł, ć, ń, ś, ż, ź) should be.


Oh, and apparentely, the issue is only with the Facebook's meta tags, 'cause wherever else I try to share it, those characters come out correctly. Also in Spotify's apps (I've checked Web, PC, Mac, Android and iOS) the character's are correct.


So, finally the question - is there any way to correct Spotify's Facebook OG meta tags for polish artists' names and albums? 🙂


It affects quite a lot of polish artists on Spotify->Facebook sharing route.



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