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Wrraped 2018 issues

Wrraped 2018 issues






iPhone 5s

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iOS 12


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I don’t get it why my top genre is pop when on my top artists and songs aren’t any pop songs and even on my top 100 playlist these is maybe one or two and on the end of the list



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I spoke with friends and they have the same issue

Non of the songs from my top songs, nor any songs by my top artists, are on my top 100. Instead, songs that I can't even remember listening to are on the top 100. This does not seem accurate at all. 

My songs and my friends are accurate only genre is not accurate despite the songs on playlist me and two others friends have pop as fav genre. It’s rly annoying. Spotify please fix it 

I think they fixed it. Now it’s other genre more accurate to my playlist

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