Xbox One Spotify app with no sound

Xbox One Spotify app with no sound


I just turned on my spotify on xbox one yesterday to find that it is playing songs but absolutely no sound is coming out. I've done a hard reset..nothing happens. I checked my TV speakers and they're fine. The xbox is playing sound for everything except spotify. Please help this is ruining my spotify experience.

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I have the same problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. 



Having same issue now


Same issue. Sound works on everything else just not spotify app. Any updates on a fix for this. 


Ok I solved this, just go into any random game or app while a song is playing Once you’re in an app with a song silently playing press the home button, now go and select the song that is playing, it shoud pop out and give u the option to go the the next song and adjust your volume, that’s what you need to do, adjust that volume. I think when Microsoft switched around how that feature worked it set peoples to mute or whatever, so adjust that volume lol. Hope that helped, I know I was stuck for like a week with this. 


Well done. You fixed it for me. Thanks. I appreciate your mmessage 



Hey guys,


Press the home screen button and go down to where your volume meter is. Mine was set all the way down, unbeknownst to me, which could be the same reason you're having the issue. 




Well done. Pretty sad when you figure it out and when I call support they give some sort of excuse about tv needing drivers even after i tell them that my Hulu and Netfix works fine for video and sound in Xbox S.  You should go teach them how it's really done. Ty !! 

Fantastic work !!


Ahhhh you're a lifesaver! Thank you! 

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