[Xbox] View Albums

[Xbox] View Albums


Please, please, please bring back the albums view in the app.  I need to be able to see all of my albums, by album (not song by song), not just the albums I've liked.  If you don't bring back the albums view sometime soon, I'm going to have to bail, because Spotify is useless to me if I can't see all my albums.

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Updated on 2019-09-26



We need a bit more info.

When you go into the Albums section, you should see all your saved albums.

Further down under 'Recommended Albums' you'll see albums you only saved one or more songs of, but not the whole album.


Can you let us know if you can find this? Looking forward to your reply.


I am a former XBox Music Pass subscriber who transferred over to Spotify when Microsoft discontinued the XBox Music Pass service.  I have well over a thousand albums in my collection, most of which were transferred over to my Spotify library when I made the switch.  When I first started using Spotify, the app worked as you stated and I could see all of my albums in the Albums section.  However, since an update to the app a few months ago, now when I go to the Albums section, I see very few of my albums.  Right now, in the Albums section, I can see exactly 30 of my albums before it starts showing the recommended albums.  The vast majority of my albums do not appear.  How do I rectify this?


Hey @G-Ray,


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


This sounds like it might be an issue which needs to be investigated further.


As a result, we've moved this thread to the help boards and help you troubleshoot the issue here.


First, do you mind letting us know if logging into another account on your Xbox produces the same result?


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂


This has NOTHING to do with my Xbox.  This has to do with how you've ruined the app.  I've already cancelled my Premium subscription and will be moving on to Amazon Music for now.  You folks have shot yourselves in both feet and will be reaping the consequences in the months to come.

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