Xbox app outputting 5.1

Xbox app outputting 5.1


Hi! I noticed that the XBOX app is outputting 5.1 instead och stereo and i cant find a way to turn it off. I have 5.1 sound but when I listening to music i want to hear it as it was meant to be listning to, In STEREO. Does anyone know if there is a way to listen in stereo without having to change the settings for the whole xbox?? 



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Agree. Would be nice to have the option at least.


I have actually stopped using spotify on xbox altogether because of this issue. It sounds horrible when the sound is upmixed to 5.1. The output used to be stereo like it is in other music apps but they added the upmixing feature in an update lately and forced everyone to use it.


Are your speakers not calibrated correctly? Because spotify sounds absolutely stunning in up mixed 5.1 to my avr which is actually upmixing 5.1 to neural X 7.1.2. 

If you want to listen to spotify in stereo just use stereo pcm on your AVR. 



The problem is that I want game audio to be output in multichannel but spotify audio in stereo only. If I wanted to upmix the music I would let the receiver do that for me. Not everyone wants the music to be output from every speaker.


Totaly agree. There should be an option to choose if you want Stereo sound or surround.


wiil you solve this problem?


I have tweeted about this to @spotifycares but looks like they don’t care 😂


But luckily I have found a workaround. You can close spotify, switch audio to stereo in xbox settings, launch spotify and start listening something and then switch output from settings back to 7.1 and spotify should stay in stereo until you or the system kills it. It just sucks you have to do that everytime you want to listen to something.


People should complain about this more to spotify so it gets the attention it deserves.

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