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Xbox app play history?

Xbox app play history?

Hi there! 


I was cooped up with the flu last week and checked out my Discover Weekly and was blown away by about ten tracks. 


I boot up my PC to check out the play history and... Nada.


Is there any way of checking out what songs I listened to recently in the Xbox app? 


I definitely can't find them again (I listen to weird industrial/synth music which maybe had about 2000 listeners tops).


I'm absolutely gutted that I can't find them 😞  (I pay more for Spotify than I do for Netflix and the latter has no problem letting you know what you last consumed across devices) 

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If you have Facebook connection enabled in your account settings, you might be lucky that you can still find the tracks in your personal activity log there.


If you scrobble your Xbox listening to, you can check your listening history there, but only from the moment that you have created your account and enabled the new Spotify Beta Scrobbling feature which is independent from your device now.


Another way to prevent this from happening is using an IFTTT recipe to automatically archive your Discover Weekly playlist to another playlist.


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