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YG album randomly plays when playing music or paused

YG album randomly plays when playing music or paused

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On occassion (now like 2-3 times a day) YG's 4REAL 4REAL album will start playing, stopping whatever music I'm playing at the moment (and just started randomly playing while my music was paused). This is happening across my devices and doesn't seem to correlate to a particular album or playlist. I don't listen to YG unless he's featured on something so this does seem random and it'll cue up the entire album on shuffle, even if it's not enabled. If I go back to playing my own music, it'll cut about 10-20 seconds in and start playing songs from 4REAL 4REAL again. 

I've already signed off of all of my devices so it's not someone else playing something over my account and have been caught up on updates on all of my devices. 





United States



iPhone 7Plus, Macbook mid-2016

Operating System

iOS 12.2 (iPhone), OS 12.14.3 (Macbook)


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This is happening to me too and I don’t need ‘**bleep** [Moderator snip] **bleep**’  randomly blaring out when my son is on his playlist.

How do I stop this?!!!

This has been happening for me as well but for the past few days. Spotify emailed me  to change password due to suspicious activity so I did. I too, don't appreciate having explicit words interupting my daily commute or personal time at home. What is the solution for this issue? 

Yo this is happening to me to. Someone please help! I’ve changed password and it’s still doing it 🙄

This is happening to me too. I also received email to reset password. Still doing it so annoying. 

Me too!!!! this is happening to me too frequently. Spotify please help! Heads up on this matter! I’ve changed password already.

I’ve found a fix to this if anyone is still having this problem. I just reset my password again, went to my account overview, and signed out everywhere. Once I signed back in on my phone there hasn’t been another incident since.

Hey @closedmartini11@shelovesicecrm@ClintonMNYC  and @Crazyyciara 


Thanks for getting in touch! No worries, we'll help so your account stays safe.


If you think someone might be messing with your account, be sure to change both your Spotify password and your Facebook password. Then, log out everywhere on your Spotify account page and your Facebook profile.


If this didn't help, or it did but your account has been messed with, take a look at this article. There you'll find additional help 🙂


Hope this will solve the issue! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I've done this and it doesn't help a bit. The same YG album just keeps playing randomly.

Hey @37vfkqzgs-_m2.


Thanks for getting back to us.


In that case, we suggest you reach out to our Customer Support team here, who will be able to secure your account to prevent this from happening again.


Let us know how it goes - we'll be here in case you need any further help.

Really? It worked immediately for me, are sure you clicked "Log out of all

I thought this was just me. And now this talentless hack is my 3rd favorite artist of the year???

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