Yamaha CRX N470D and Spiffy Connect

Yamaha CRX N470D and Spiffy Connect








Macbook Pro

Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue

I have a Yamaha whcih supports Spotify (it has a sticker on the top that says so!).

My music will never stay playing and sometimes randomly starts playing. It *seems* to happen when my partner opens his computer, or wakes it up.

Whne I look at the spotify app on my MacBook under 'devises available' sometiems my deveise had disappeared.

This has been happenign for a LONG TIME, maybe a year or so. I have just been to lazy/busy to fix it. Today we moved the speaker system back to a place with better wifi and low and behold - the same problem.


Does anyone have a solution?

Is this an ongoing, known issues?

Can we bring back CD's please?



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