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Yamaha MusicCast issue with some songs


Yamaha MusicCast issue with some songs



For around a couple of weeks now certain songs won't play on my Yamaha TX-V581. Songs with the issue include:

Comet Gain - You can hide your love forever

Just Blankets - Polydactyl

Sonder Bombs - Shitty Boyfriend


Once they break they seem to stay broken although they have worked in the past. It will happen if they are in playlists or if I try to send them to the amp mid song. Totally fine on phone and PC. If they're in a playlist they tend to pause the previouos song before 3/4 seconds before it ends (so I guess it's trying to prefetch and causing the problem then). 


I also note this other recent thread with a similar issue. I tried to play the same song on my amp, and neither of the songs mentioned would play either - so suggets something about these particular songs that are the issue as opposed to my setup?


Done all the usual diagnostics - upgraded firmware on amp, turned off and on, reinstalled app on phone and PC, cleared cache etc. It's not always worked perfectly - random pausing etc - but this is a new problem and seems to be growing.


Thanks for any assistance


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Seems to be fixed for me now, thanks Spotify!

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4 Replies

Thank you for checking those songs i mention.

Comet Gain - You can hide your love forever Working 

Just Blankets - Polydactyl NOT Working

Sonder Bombs - Shitty Boyfriend NOT Working



Thanks very much for testing! Definitely a Spotify issue then. Hopefully someone will respond.


There's two versions of the Comet Gain song oddly - one plays and one doesn't for me - if you search the band and select it from most popular, that one doesn't work. 


This one isnt available for me.

Marked as solution

Seems to be fixed for me now, thanks Spotify!

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