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Yamha Spotify Connect stream quality

Yamha Spotify Connect stream quality

Hi,<br>In Connect is there anyway to see / control the streaming quality that's being played by amplifier? Is it connected somehow to android app preferences? <br><br>volume controll nice it's there but sometimes achieving random volume settings. <br><br>
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Hey there KrzysztofM - thanks for question.


I hope you enjoy your Yamaha with Spotify in it.


First of all, yes, app settings are used. Streaming settings. If want to best quality, choose 320 kbps Extreme.


If some device works without connect, usually it always stream at 320 kbps (tv, sonos etc). But in Connect devices you can manage in app settings. Hope this helps.


Happy Spotifying!

Cab I use Spotify connect form ny desktop Windows computer?

Omg android device I can't see Extreem quality, just high.

Spotify Connect is coming in future to Desktop apps.


If you don't see a Extreme quality, you may have old unupdated app or Free service where highest possible status is High. Connect is only Premium feature. You can however add Spotify Free to Connect device with AUX.


Hope this helps.

I'm curious what happens in this situation:



Streaming quality : Extreme

Sync quality : Normal


And what if you play a playlist on your Spotify Connect (B&O A9 in my case) which is available offline but you are connected at that moment to the internet with wifi.


Will it play "normal quality" since the music is local available or will it play "Extreme quality" because you are online with wifi? 


thank you

Spotify Connect enabled speakers will always stream Extreme Quality (320kbps) directly over the WiFi connection. Connect enabled speakers always stream directly from the internet not from content on your device.

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