Your collection on iPad?!

Your collection on iPad?!



i have Spotify Premium and use it on my mac, iPhone and iPad. I have one simple question:

I couldn't finde "Your collection" with album and artists on my iPad App? In the Mac and iPhone

App it's available. On the iPad there are only the buttons (left) 

- search

- rummage

- inbox

- radio

- playlists

- friends

- settings


Is this feature not available in the iPad app? so that i only can manage and sort my 

artists on the ipad with playlists?


Thank you for quick help.


Best regards


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You are correct, the Your Music collection feature has not yet been added to the iPad app.

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Okay thank you for the quick reply so i don't have to search more and more 😉

Do you know if this feature will be in the next updates?

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