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advertisements for ad-free subscription!?

advertisements for ad-free subscription!?

been a spotify premium family plan user for years. 


why are there advertisements during podcasts when i pay for a plan that is literally called "ad-free"?

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Hey @drewmullen ,


Thanks for posting in the Community! 


Please note that podcasts can include embedded ads - some podcasts have advertising as part of their uploaded content, although Spotify doesn't include any extra Ads since you're on Premium.


I'd recommend checking out this article for more info about this. 


Hope this helps clear things up. 🙂

@drewmullen - leave the platform and go over to Apple Music like I did. They at least can make a queue that works. Use Downcast for pods. They have skip buttons which you can customize and allow you to set a start time for each podcast to skip past ad bumps.
As far as ads there was a thread that went on and on about it. They won't do anything about it - they are still making money hand over fist so why change? Perhaps they can pay their 10 million dollar boy to send them 2 podcasts - one with ads and one without but apparently 10 million dollars does not buy that kind of technology. Spotify is terrible!!!!!

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