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album art not showing on Instagram

album art not showing on Instagram






(iPhone 8, 

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Hey @Praster89.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We understand that album art is not being showed in Instagram. Could you give us some more info about this? Does this happen when you are trying to share music on Instagram for example? Give us as much info as possible as well as your device, OS version and which Spotify version you are using. We will be able to further investigate.


Looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day!

Hi! this is happening to me as well! It's happening when i try to post a piece of music to stories using the "music" sticker (as far as i know that's the only way to get to the screen with the songs to select?)

All of the original album artwork shows up on spotify, but it doensn't show up on instagram. 


The files were uploaded to Spotify directly so this seems to be an issue on your end as the other tracks that were uploaded to Spotify via CDBaby or Distrokid, or the tracks I have with other collaborators are all showing up fine.

So, Why is the album art for the album/tracks  I uploaded to Spotify directly not showing up on Instagram Stories but the others are? Would it help if i changed the photo to a different resolution? Is there any solution to this? Please help!


Was this ever resolved? Mine is doing the same thing only when trying to share my music to Instagram Stories. No art is showing up at all for Album cover or individual songs. I need a resolution as it looks extremely unprofessional. Using an iPhone 8. Album “Urban Retreat” by Niashani. Thank you. 

Any resolution to this?

They said they would resolve it but the songs that were greyed out on my story have the artwork now but the songs that had the artwork before now are greyed out.. so they didn’t really fix the problem for me.. on my stories it doesn’t show the album artwork still. So I basically gave up... yes I agree it looks bad Without the artwork on my stories..

Thank you for your response!!! I will let you know if I get anywhere with this.

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