amazon echo won't sync w Spotify after apple iOS upgrade

amazon echo won't sync w Spotify after apple iOS upgrade



i just upgraded my macbook and iphone IOS (that came out few days ago) and ever since, i can't sync or manage echo to play spotify. before the spotify app would have echo as my second devide and i can control the playlist and what to play on echo via spotify app, but neither of the apps now show echo as an optional device. i tried everythign and even called amazon...

let me know if you have any advice! (it's impossible for echo to play the right playlist with voice command since it always misunderstands me etc). 

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This is happening to me too! Very frustrating. I have tries reinstalling and restarting everything and nothing is working.


I too am having this problem and it is super annoying.

Same problem. I've gotten it to sync back up a few times, but only for a little while then it looses it again.


I also am seeing Spotify Connect issues after upgrading my Mac and iPhone.  This seems to be an iOS/macOS issue and not an Echo issue, as I'm having the same trouble trying to use Spotify Connect to connect my iOS device and Mac anymore.  Rebooting my iOS device helped get me connected to the Echo.  I have to tell the Echo "Spotify Disconnect" followed by "Spotify Connect" where before I could just say "Spotify Connect" and it would work all the time.  Rebooting the Mac didn't help.  On iOS the "Devices Available" button on the play screen was missing, though it should always be there to allow connecting to bluetooth and airplay.  After reboot it came back.


The best I could do to connect Spotify on my Mac to my Echo was to use iOS after a reboot to connect to the Echo, then, I saw on the Mac client that I was connected to my Echo and could control my music from there.





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