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bmw integration language

bmw integration language

Anyone know why Spotify in my BMW is currently showing menu items in other languages? My friend also has this issue in his BMW so not just my vehicle. Is this a known issue at present/
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Hey @Z4monster,

Thanks for reaching out.

To investigate this further, can you please let us know the iDrive versions and Spotify versions of both vehicles? Also, send us a couple of screenshots of the issue or a short screen recording and let us know if you've tried any troubleshooting steps so far.

Keep us posted.

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Have the same thing. Since last week, the menu in Spotify suddenly has all different languages, that change daily. Tried to log out and sign in, but didn't fix the problem





I will check the versions tomorrow

Good news mine has corrected overnight.

Yeah mine is ok this morning. Definitely something changed overnight as it
was still wrong yesterday.

So the problem has reappeared.  Was apparently OK going to work this morning but tonight coming home it's gone back to random languages again.  My mate in his 5 series also has the same issue again.  Any one looking into this issue @Spotify? 

Same here!!

Same here all went wrong when BMW rolled out a software update on the iDrive system I think. Worked ok before and  not after. 
Versions are:

BMW 03/2023.67

Spotify 11,6.1

Mine started misbehaving BEFORE the latest BMW update so that's not to blame.  I still haven't done that update yet.

Well that rules the update out then.

And now it’s back to normal again….

Like ordered… it’s all back to normal again 🤣

Yep switched back again to English.  Noticed it changed again yesterday after I did the latest BMW update but doubt it's anything to do with it.

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