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can't play downloaded music through Sonos

can't play downloaded music through Sonos

Is there a way to play downloaded music through Sonos or does the functionality not exist?

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Hi, @Marman10!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Currently, it's not possible to play your downloaded music through your Sonos device. This is because your devices must be connected to the same internet connection. 


We have more info on how to use Spotify with Sonos here.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you have any other questions.


Have a great week 🙂 

Thanks for the answer, but confused by it. My phone where my Spotify app plays from and my Sonos device are connected to the same source when at home - my home wifi network. And it works perfectly except when I try to play non-Spotify available materiel that I've downloaded to my Spotify. But when I try to play the same material through Spotify and Bluetooth, it works perfectly. What am I missing? Please clarify. Thanks!

it's too bad I can't do it, but sending a very belated thank you for the repsonse!

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