can't stop album from appearing in my weekly

can't stop album from appearing in my weekly


I keep getting this ABGT Group Therapy and other such albums adding to my weekly play list, where they advertise the album in the song.  I don't want to listen to a person whisper "Group Therepy" in the middle of every song they do.  I can't down vote the songs.  On an Android device, to make a playlist, you have to add each song one at a time to a new playlist, so I have to wait until I get home.  I keep doing this, making my weekly into a new list every time, excluding those one songs (yes, singular/plural, as it is one song every week).  When I think I have got rid of these songs, after a few weeks, one comes back - uuurrrkkk!!!!

PLEASE bring back the thumbs down button on the Windows or Android app.  These pictures people are posting of their thumb up/down, I don't know where they are seeing that.

I need help with my reality

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