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charlie pride song is the wrong track playing

charlie pride song is the wrong track playing

so i have 2 charlie pride songs on my playlist ( i am not premium so it comes on when it does) kiss an angel good morning and crystal chandaliers. in your search for charlie pride both songs come up under kings and queens of country 40 tracks crystal chandaliers play fine but when kiss an angel goodmorning comes on its a totaly diffrent song than what is listed. i cant tell you what song is playing as i dont have premium services

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Would you be able to post a link to the playlist?

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 that the song just came on again and the track its playing is a broken lady by the gatlin brothers but the song is suposed to be kiss an angel goodmorning. 


 i also added broken lady by the gatlin brothers to see if maybe the tracks were messed up and the songs were reversed but the track kiss an angel goodmorning is plaing a broken lady


would this link help its my starred playlist where the kiss an angel goodmorning track is located

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