chromebook pauses on website version

chromebook pauses on website version

 Hello, I am currently a free spotify user who is having an issue with a chromebook. This is most likely unrelated to the problem, but when i used spotify on the computer i use for school, i was able to download spotify as an app, but on this chromebook, i couldn'tl, so i use the website version. on most songs on my playlist, after 9-10 seconds, there will be a pause and i have to wait a while (longest time waited 30 minutes) until I could listen to the rest of the song, and i could not pause the song and play the song again because if i paused the song it would not play again, so i'd be forced to skip to the next or previous song. After the long pause i can pause and play again with only one problem, i can only pause it for only a certain amount of time, although this amount of time isn't a really short time, i should be able to pause and play songs for as long as i want to. this can be annoying because I mostly use spotify while waiting for something or scrolling on social media. it is not a wifi issue, because the other websites i use load faster than spotify does.


I apologize for potentially wasting your time in advance

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I have Chromebooks in my school and sometimes the software in the Chromebook can just not be compatible with Spotify which is probably your problem. Honestly, at that point, I recommend using your phone or if not that then youtube as an alternative. I wish I could help you more

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