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concerning podcast

concerning podcast

the folks at spotify support recommended i post this in the community—i got recommended an episode of the podcast "whose body is it", which is very up front about being anti-transgender. i'm concerned about this because it is, in the end, content that's working against the civil rights of a group of people, and even if it could be argued that it doesn't technically violate the terms of service i strongly believe it shouldn't be recommended to people unprompted because this is distressing content for many. i just wanted to see if i could make that heard. i think it's not good.


attached are some of their episodes—one about the supposed connection between vaccines, autism and being transgender, one connecting trans people to pedophiles and one calling trans people "castration fetishists". just ugly stuff.


i'm not sure what support thought the community page could help with, but i figured i'd give it a shot.

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