copy http link

copy http link

trying to copy a playlist to facebook.   at times, the link copied shows an older version of my playlist (i am constantly updating by deleting and adding songs).     found a fix at but it no longer seems to work.  i can't post the current version of a playlist, it always revert to one several weeks old

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If you right click on the playlist you want to share, and click "Copy HTTP link" it should link them to Spotify, and if you delete a song on the playlist and someone is subscribed to the playlist it should be deleted for them also (same for adding songs) 🙂 

Hope this helped 🙂

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Thanks for the response...the problem is that lately, when i do copy the link as you describe, the playlist reverts to an older version.   So, songs that i have deleted and added aren't on the playlist that shows up on facebook.   i frequently update one particular list leaving the name the same.  often i had this problem but used a debug program in even debugging doesn't get me to the latest version of the playlist. 

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