cover photo/social media sharing


cover photo/social media sharing

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Hi I need help, so I have changed my cover photos for my Spotify playlists and when I go to share them on my socials the cover photo that I picked doesn’t show up, it’s just the cover photos Of the songs on the playlist. I know how to change the cover photo for my playlist, I already restarted my phone and reinstalled the app and nothing has worked 

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Hi Kmoya,


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community!


Oftentimes it takes some time for the changes to playlist covers to be displayed. I recommend waiting 24 hours, and if after that time the updated covers are still not reflected, then to perform a clean reinstall of your Spotify app (different from a normal reinstall). You can read about how to perform a clean reinstall in this article and follow the steps there.


I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.


Have a great day!

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Hi, I’ve had the cover photos for at least a month, and I just did a clean reinstall and it still doesn’t work 

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Hey there @Kmoya!

Just jumping in here, right now Spotify isn't able to provide your own cover when sharing Playlist to Instagram however there is an idea on the Community where you can add your +VOTE here to show spotify your support for this idea.


Any further updates on this idea for this feature will be posted there however Spotify typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is on the Spotify Blog which is linked here!


Keep Safe,