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cromecast problems in the latest update

cromecast problems in the latest update

Hi everyone!
I wanted to bring this up to attention because it's a huge problem for me.
On July 25th Spotify released the latest update to the iOS app. Since then I've had problems streaming Musik to my chrome cast devise.

Normally I just choose the devise and I control it with my phone. (iPhone 7 plus)
Now it won't work.

When I start a song on my phone and stream it to the devise I get disconnected from the devise. I can see it but don't change the song or control the volume. The only war to shut it of is to go into googles own app and shut it of from there.

Why does it not work?
Anyone have the same problem?
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Hey @FSolen, help's at hand!


To check, could you confirm the exact version of the Spotify app that you're running after the update?


We'd also like to know if your device requires an iOS update, or if the Chromecast requires and software updates too.


Could you also try restarting your WiFi router for us?


Keep us posted, we'll be here to see how it goes!

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