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daily mix isnt updating for 3 days now

daily mix isnt updating for 3 days now

It worked last weekend, I was already premium then. I can only find it on android, in recent plays. in windows(desktop not winstore) if i search for daily mix, it says my client is offline wth. i searched for it because it didnt show where it should be, yes i checked the faq page too. what I found in android that has the same content for the last 3 days,.dont say to me to reinstall the  windows app, since it doesnt works on android or in the windows store version either, and yes i listened plenty of music, this started a bit after i started my premium i think. the whole reason for me to use spotify it's suggestion system for the lazies like me, but if it doesnt works there are cheaper options out there.


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also the sound quality isnt great either, certainly not 320k. yes i checked the settings.

Does this hackjob have a proper support page even??? I see a lot of topics with 0 response...Really **bleep**ing unhelpful 'community' **bleep**.

why does it keeps  offering**bleep** genres I never even looked, dont care about country jazz hits.

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