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denon avr 2113

denon avr 2113

Hi have a Premium account and Fry to log in using the spotify Premium account. It worked fine in the beginning, bit now when i enter my password and username i get the message that the username already exists.

How can I log in with my credentials on my denon?
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This question is about logging in on my denon avr 2113.

I have changed my password and retried to log in. Did not solve the problem.


I have read that is possible to make a new account and that the playlists can be transfered.


I experience extreme slowness at the start up of spotify too. Could a change of my account solve the inability to log in on my Denon?



I think you need to get a device username/password for your Denon here as it won't work with your facebook login.

Thanks for your replay.

my username and password are for the spotify community and differ from the Facebook credentials.

I changed my password already which dus not help.

I cannot change my username, can I?

If you subscribed to Spotify using your facebook credentials, you can only change your password in facebook. For  a hardware device like the Denon, you need to request a seperate username/password from the link I posted.

I dus not subacribe uaing my Facebook credententials and i have a seperate password.

The link you posted directs to the profile. I can change my password, but do not see where to "request a seprate username and password".

And my spotify login did work for a moment. It now says username already exists.

Hmmm.........if your profile page doesn't show this option, I suggest you submit an online contact form and someone at Spotify will look into this for you. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply) and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

Screenshot - 22_06_2013 , 13_03_59.png


I'm having exactly the same issue on a denon AVR X2000.

Worked fine once and then I turned my amp off and back on and since then it keeps bringing up the same username already exists.

HAve you found a solution?




I get the same error, can anyone please advise? Thanks in advance

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