facebook mail change // device password mail


facebook mail change // device password mail



I have two problems: 1. I recently changed my facebook email address which means I also need to change my mail on spotify. But the changes did not appear in the spotify account settings, even if it says it could only be change via my fb profile, what I just did.


My second problem is that I´m desperately trying to connect my onkyo home cinema with my spotify account. For that I need a device password and for that I need this device-password-email-stuff but every time I click on the link it says an email has been sent (to my old mail account). But when I switch to my inbox there is nothing (neither on the new, nor on the old mail address)



I also already contacted the guys from Spotify help but only received an Email saying I should have a look in the FAQ or the Community-help.


can you help me ?

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If you could reply directly to the no-reply automated email (I know, it's a silly system) an adviser will be able to lend a hand. 😉

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