[galaxy watch active 2] Spotify volume controls stopped

[galaxy watch active 2] Spotify volume controls stopped






Samsung galaxy watch active 2

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This is embarassing, after the terrible experience I had 2 years ago with samsung sport fit 2 and spotify offline, I thought they would have fixed the issues and tried the galaxy watch active 2.

2 days with no issues. 

Then all of a sudden volume controls on my earphones ( powerbeats pro) stopped working with Spotify ( they work perfectly with the other smartwatch music app and woth other devices)  

Crazy thing is others controls such as skip track, work. 

I am so tired of wasting hundreds of pounds to see such low quality software.

Samsung/spotify, you have 1.5 star rating with the app and thousands of bugs going on for more than 2 years? Ia this respect for your customers? 


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Is it possible to have the contact for the product manager/tech lead of such wearable spotify projects? Is it too much to ask what you paid for?
Really unbelievable

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