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horrible streaming

horrible streaming

I just want to tell you guys that your service literally sucks.  I play tunes all day long, and probably 2 full hours out of 10 total, every track that I play sounds similar to a voice cutting out on a cell phone call.  and it happens every ''x'' seconds and there's no pattern to it.  I'm seriously disappointed with you folks, just like every music service.  My guess is that you guys are so big and rely so much on advertisements to generate revenue, that the quality of your service suffers because of it.  I'm keenly aware that most tech companies in California are nothing more than get rich quick schemes.  and that's why I never do a job in California.  But at any rate, I just deal with the nonsense because it's not like I'm going to die if i can't listen to music.  I have a slew of other ideas as to why your service is terrible, but since I'm not employed by Spotify as a software engineer or anything else, I won't mention it because I'm not being paid to give you advice. 

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