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[iOS][Other] Shuffle are-Adding Songs to playlist after being paused for seconds

[iOS][Other] Shuffle are-Adding Songs to playlist after being paused for seconds



My issue is with the behaviour of shuffle when it comes to playlists. Using my "On Repeat" as an example, if I listen to 5 songs and then pause the playlist for any length of time, when I resume playback, the songs I had already listened to will have been randomly re-added later in the queue. 

This means that if I pause for 1 minute to take a phone call, when I resume playback, I'm going to randomly hear those 5 songs again before/amongst the remaining 25 shuffled songs. 

I would possibly understand this if you had left the playlist on pause for days but mere seconds/minutes makes no sense from a user experience perspective.  

Here you can see my "Recent Played" time stamped at 11:53. 


I've hit pause after playing "The Steps" by Haim and then hit play again and as you can see , "The Steps" was then going to be played again 3 songs later, before another 27 that were due before pausing. 


Is this designed behaviour? If so my idea would be to change this so that it doesn't re-add songs that have just been played very recently/in the same session. 

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Hey there @callum_macleod1,

Thanks for the post.


Shuffle can add some of the songs you've already heard recently back to the queue regardless of you pausing the app. This is not something specific to pausing and unpausing. There is no setting in Spotify which will prevent shuffle from playing a song that has already played.


Also, the shuffle function will prioritize songs that you tend to listen to more often.


Pausing and leaving the app might restart shuffle on the device, which is most likely what is happening in your case.


Hope this info helps 🙂

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